The Main Event

The hunt is a live-action role-playing game of wit and wile, prowess and pursuit, where human animal roleplayers, posing as prey attempt to outwit teams of human pups, ponies, hunters, handlers, and other personas in an outdoor setting. 

Spectators can follow closely behind to watch as the prey is routed out by the critters, chased down and cornered. The hunt frequently takes on a kinky bent when the team that captures their prey negotiates a BDSM scene symbolizing the ritualized capture in the spirit of fox hunting. 

The hunt celebrates diversity! ALL animal role players and trainers/ owners/ wranglers/ friends are welcome to play or watch in this gorgeous outdoor setting. No experience necessary. No partners necessary – there are usually enough additional  wranglers  and  animals   to   go   around    for   everyone. 

 Baaa-ck to Our Origin 

The Nothern California Fox Hunt, now The Chase, started off as “The (Human) Fox Hunt”. As a member of group of animal role play people who got together after The Annual Dog and Pony Show at the Citadel in 2005, I can hardly take credit for starting the event though I am often cited as the founder.


It all started at Digger Pines in Livermore, CA during a play day picnic. We were sitting having lunch after a hike all over the hilly property. The puppy master asked the group, “there has to be something we could all do together, what could it be?” Everyone answered at once, “FOX HUNT!” I just happened to do the coordinating of making it happen. It was a blast, so it continued...and on it goes.


It brings me great joy to know that the legacy continues in different places and in different forms. I have no interest in it remaining the same for it should be what the community wants it to be. The only thing that saddens me is when we fight amongst ourselves instead of finding a way to build creative solutions. It happens all too often in the greater community. It seems that this new version of The Chase does just that. It focuses on building community and valuing inclusivity.


I wish you all many years of joy.


Tally Ho,

Ponymistress Rebecca

The Chase of Beasts: A Dragonpaw Productions LLC Event